Waitangi Golf Club

Where the sea meets the tee

Waitangi Golf Club - 12th Tee

From the back nine the Waitangi Golf Course has the most stunning views to offer towards Russell and over the Bay stretching to the Nine Pin and the Black Rocks.

There is always something to see out in the Bay when strolling between shots.

The Waitangi Golf Course offers a great treat for all golfers, the stunning sea views are just a small part of the overall atmosphere - the native fauna and flora are wonderful to be amongst.


Brightly coloured Rosella parrots, Tui's, quails, wood pigeon's and pukeko - they all add an element of native closeness to the game.

There is nothing better after the first nine holes on a hot summer's day than walking across to the 10th tee and seeing the marvellous sea views and feeling that welcome sea breeze.